Application Objective

Breakaway Foundation is committed to ensuring that all children have an opportunity to participate in minor hockey programs, regardless of financial situations. Breakaway will partner with all local minor hockey associations to ensure hockey opportunities are available to all children. Applicants must first apply to receive funding from other available sources, ie REAL, Kidsport, Jumpstart. In cases where these sources do not cover the entire cost of registration, Breakaway funding may be available to eligible applicants.

Application Process

Step 1
Download and print Breakaway Guidelines (2023-24).

Step 2
Parent/Guardian must complete sections 1-3 on 2023-2024 Application Form (1).

Step 3
Obtain a reference from a professional, non-family member who is well known to the applicant. (i.e. teacher, guidance counsellor, social worker, family physician, community health worker, police officer, clergy, etc.) References cannot be obtained from co-workers or associates affiliated to the applicant’s local minor hockey association. References must complete section 4 and sign section 5.

Step 4
Submit completed application to your local minor hockey association and ensure all three (3) signatures are completed in Section 5 (parent, reference and minor hockey President).

Step 5
Minor hockey associations must submit completed applications prior to January 15, 2024 by mail to:

Breakaway Foundation
PO Box 4004, Pearlgate PO
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 0A1